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Projects Appraisal and Management

This course offers in-dept tutoring on assessment and analysis of the initial concept, problem, and solution which serves as the major process of analyzing and approving projects in organizations.

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Agric Lending for Financial Institutions

An assortment of lending tools and training exercises to help you fine-tune your agricultural lending procedures, develop new products, adjust credit assessment processes and train your staff.

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Management for Mid-Level Managers

Our leadership and management development course for middle level managers is an all-inclusive leading, communicating, task and project performance system will create results for your managers and your organization.

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Risk Management in Corporate Organizations

This course will give you the greatest impact in the time available and has been selected for its practical, as well as theoretical results so you leave with tools and techniques you can put into action immediately.

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Finance for Non- Finance Managers

Impact your financial decisions and learn how to affect the performance of your unit's profitability and of your organization. In this course you will gain a basic understanding of finance and accounting concepts to drive your organization's growth.

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Banking Transaction Reconciliation

Gain expert knowledge on banking transaction tracing and recovery of excessive and inappropriate charges by reconciling your checks written, cash book transaction, bank charges, bank statements and general ledger.

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Project Monitoring and Evaluation

As the success of a project is dependent on performance, this project monitoring and evaluation course will provide knowledge and techniques required to design and implement monitoring systems as well as ensure the effectiveness/impact of programs and project.

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Impact Assessment and Project Post Audit

This courses focus on trainers, practitioners, managers, decision-makers and regulators. It will enable them assess the impact of projects and conduct post audits using industry-standard guidelines.

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